Saturday, September 21, 2013

A Workshop. For ME!

I know I've been embarrassingly absent here on the blog. I haven't been working on any big projects (or little ones either, for that matter). Unless you count canning and school as projects. :) My older 2 boys went back to school at the end of August and I haven't really felt like starting into anything. Mind you, I have a TON of pending projects and when canning is finished, I will take on a big project again. I currently have 2 bushels of pears to can and 4 bushels of apples to turn into sauce yet before I can say I'm DONE canning for this year.

Anyway, enough excuses. :) Today DH and I are working on insulating the old chicken coop. We're (mostly he) converting it into a workshop for me. I normally work on projects in the garage or the kitchen (depending on how messy the project is) but we want to park the van and the car both in the garage this winter so my stuff needs to go.

The "chicken coop" that we're converting is the white building attached to the barn in the above picture. It is the back part of DH's shop and there was a wall separating them. He tore out the wall so now my shop and his are joined. It won't be anything fancy but it will be much better than the uninsulated and unheated garage. And it has room that all my things can be together. Woo hoo!

I will try to do an update post when we get everything in place. Have a great weekend and Happy Fall, y'all!

From the Farmhouse,


  1. That is going to be so nice when it is done, Rachel. Sometimes real life gets in the way of blogging, doesn't it? xo Diana

  2. Wow I'm sooo jealous! (In a good way) I can't wait to see it and the project you do in there.


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