Thursday, August 1, 2013

Powder Room Vanity {Repurposed Sewing Cabinet}

Last summer when I was garage saling, I saw a sewing machine and cabinet for sale. I didn't want the machine so I asked the lady if she would sell just the cabinet. She was eager to get rid of things and promptly said "yes, $3". I said "sold"! It was small and kind of loose in the 'joints' but it had such great lines that I knew it was destined for better things than a burn pile.
I got a little carried away and started into the project before I remembered to take a picture.
It was extremely hot the week I was working on this so I brought inside, thus the icky pictures.
Here I had taken the top off and glued and clamped it to sturdy it back up.

It sat in my garage for about a year until several weeks ago when I was cleaning out the garage and getting things ready for a garage sale at my friend's house. I decided it would make a sweet little vanity for a powder room or small bathroom. Having just used the MMS milk paint on the buffet with reasonable success, I was anxious to try another piece. I had used all my linen color on the buffet and all I had was ironstone. I painted it on and it was much whiter than I wanted but I went ahead and did my 3 coats and scraped it where the paint chipped up. Then I wiped the piece down with a soft cloth that was soaked with Minwax stain. (I forget which color, but any color will work. I would stick with the browner colors.) That 'aged' it nicely with the stain settling in the grooves and crevices. I wiped it down with a clean, soft cloth and let it dry. Finally, I waxed it with Annie Sloan soft wax (because that's what I have on hand).
Here it is after painting, aging, and waxing.
Since the original top had a hole cut in it where the sewing machine mounted, I needed to come up with a different top. Enter Uncle with the woodworking shop. He had some thick oak boards that he wasn't going to use so he kindly planed, cut, glued, and sanded them into a solid oak butcher block. I stained it with Minwax stain and waxed it with soft wax. I then fastened it and cut holes for a vessel sink and faucet that I had on hand.
I had bought this faucet several years ago and never ended up using it for what I planned.
The sink was an ebay purchase. I got it awhile back with this project in mind.
I found these cute ring pulls at Menards and thought they looked like they belonged on this piece. Here is a close up of the chipping and crackling on the front. I love how this paint has a mind of it's own. It just does this by itself.

Lovely oak top
And finally, the whole piece in all it's beauty.

It didn't sell at the garage sale but I'm not really sad. I love it so much that I'm seriously considering putting it in my master bathroom. DH has given his approval.

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  1. It turned out beautiful, Rachel! You should definitely keep it!

  2. Gorgeous! I agree with Angie. Keep it!

  3. WOw, it turned out great!! good eye you have!! I would be tempted to keep it!

  4. I would keep it, also! It turned out beautifully! Visiting you from Beneath My Heart.

  5. You did a great job on this! I love it as a little sink. Have a lovely weekend!


  6. It turned out great!! I would keep it too.

  7. Gorgeous, it looks amazing! You are so talented!!!

  8. I just did this last week with a very similar sewing cabinet. It's in my master, and I love it. If Target ever gets my new towels in, I may actually be able to take pictures and blog about it... Yours turned out great!!

  9. Here from MMS...this is beautiful. I love the color you chose! It turned out really great. I would love to invite you to share over at my Weekend Beautiful blog party :-)

  10. Absolutely love this idea! What a beautiful transformation!!

  11. Did you use some kind of crackling medium? It is gorgeous!

  12. What a great makeover - love how it turned out!

  13. Hello Rachel, I'm visiting from the Best of 2013 DIY contest, and your project is beautiful! I hope that you were able to keep this piece and have it in your bathroom now. It is gorgeous, and I cannot tell you how many sewing machine cabinets I have passed on! Now I will be looking at them in a totally different way!


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