Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Barn Project {updated}

At the end of September, I did a post on the barn project. I promised to re-visit it when the barn was finished to show you what it looks like now. It's been pretty well finished for awhile now but I wanted to have a star on the end before I showed pictures.

Well, life has been a little crazy lately and the star still hasn't happened so I'm showing you anyway. IF I ever get the star made, I will update this post.

Sherwin Williams "Utterly Beige" was the color DH chose to paint it. My personal opinion is that a barn should be red. Obviously, DH does not agree. But, he did let me make some shutters from scrap wood I found in the barn and paint THEM red. We decided to do a 2-tone to tie in the 'chicken house' part. This part has newer white metal and DH didn't want to paint it so he made the bottom level of the barn white to help it blend in a bit.

My bathroom project has gotten shoved to the back burner for the past 2 weeks. This past week I was working in our rental house getting it ready for new renters and the week before, we took a family vacation (Wednesday - Sunday). I had tried really hard to get done by Thanksgiving but....

life happened.

I think I'll cry if it's not finished by Christmas. I REALLY want my house back and a working bathroom for guests to use when they come over. This project has dragged on way. too. long.

I'm wanting to get some decorating done for Christmas but I feel like any time I have, I need to do bathroom stuff. Anyone want to come decorate for me? :)

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  1. Looking good! I'll come decorate! lol! I love to decorate for Christmas! Just slow down and breath. It'll get done. :)

  2. Barns looks great! And I totally relate to the feeling of frustration of a project dragging out. We've been there, done that so often. Somehow it seems like stuff always comes up that just makes it hard to get done. Hope things can work out and you can get done by Christmas!


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