Friday, October 26, 2012

What's Going on at the Farmhouse....

I know it's been awhile since I've posted. I've been busy and haven't taken the time to update you on here. If you read my Facebook page, you know that my sister came this week to help me work on the bathroom. She took off work, drove 450+ miles, and slaved away for 3 days. For me. What a sister! I was very happy with what all we accomplished. We readied the walls for drywall. This was QUITE a job since nothing is square or plumb or level. :( We spent one whole day getting ready, the next day hanging drywall, and finished up the drywall hanging and started installing the floor the third day. She got me 'over the hump' and now there is a lot of work I can work on by myself. I'm REALLY hoping/trying to get it finished by Thanksgiving. There probably won't be a lot of posts between now and then because all available time will be working on the bathroom. But I promise, WHEN it's finished, I will show you.

This week was also my firstborn's 7th birthday. He asked for ice cream pie instead of a cake (and I was happy to oblige).

For his party at school, I made these adorable owl cupcakes that are floating around on Pinterest. I changed mine up just a bit by cutting a sliver off each Oreo and putting the flat sides together. They are unbelievably simple and the kids loved them. It was so fun to see their excited smiles.

Birthday boy digging in!

So that's what's been happening here. I will try to update my Facebook page but you probably won't see anything here until the bathroom is finished.

From the Farmhouse

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