Monday, April 9, 2012

Natural Elements {LOVE} Wall Art ~ DIY style

Pinterest is great for inspiration! (Do I hear an amen?!)
Pottery Barn
Many weeks ago I pinned this picture on one of my boards. This beauty is from Pottery Barn and carries a price tag of ..... ready? $99! Seriously?? Wow, I like it but NOT THAT MUCH! So, I set out to create one myself. Mine doesn't even look like this one but it was inspired by this one. Since I was making mine for my master bedroom, I wanted it to have natural elements. I was able to incorporate all of my favorite natural elements of burlap, jute twine, and rustic wood. Take a look:

A rustic wood open frame from Hobby Lobby, some white burlap, wooden letters (painted white) from HobLob, and my jute twine flower. Perfect. I love it even though it's not like the Pottery Barn one. I may make one like that some day but for now, this one's hanging out in my Master.

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  1. It's lovely Rachel! I always envy your creativity- something I sorely lack. :) And yes, Pinterest is the greatest thing. It seriously has helped me be more creative than I've been in years.

  2. I prefer the look of yours over PB's....and don't-cha wish you could sell a few for $99? Being a DIY-er saves so much money! :)

  3. Rachel, Don't you love to be inspired by something you see and then make it your own! Wow! you were inspired, girl! Your LOVE project is just a creative winner! Kudos to you! I think your twine and button "O" is over-the-top cute!

  4. I love your version. I'm totally addicted to Pinterest!

  5. Very lovely home decor! Simple yet inspiring. :)


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