Monday, March 19, 2012

Upcycle Your Old Sweater {and vintage zippers}

Last fall I found this gray sweater at a garage sale for $.50 I knew I wanted to redo my master bedroom in gray and white so I snagged it with the intention of making a pillow. Last week I finally achieved my goal. I'm sure you've seen variations of this - they're all over blogland. It was a really easy project - especially since I bought my zipper flowers already made. :)

For anyone wanting to make one of these, I will run through the steps. First, lay out flat and mark from armpit to armpit (with sweater turned inside out).

Then pin both layers together.

Next, sew on the line you marked. Trim about 1/2" ABOVE your line  then, zigzag the edge. This is optional but I would recommend it to keep your sweater from fraying where you cut it.

I actually zigzagged before trimming.

If your sweater tapers out under the arms, you will need to sew the sides so they are straight. (I don't have a picture showing this step.)
Now all you need to do is tack some ribbons to the bottom and turn.

Insert your pillow form and tie shut.

Lastly, add your embellishments.

I had intended to make my own zipper flowers using this tutorial but I didn't have any metal zippers. Then I discovered that those things are expensive - I think they're over $5 apiece at Joann Fabrics. So when a Groopdealz daily deal came along with pre-made ones for LESS than just the zipper, I jumped on it. These cost me about $4 (ea.) shipped. Yes, I know that is the most expensive part of the pillow but I think they add so much! I will now watch for metal zippers when I'm out thrifting. I think these are so cute. They came with a pin back so just pinned them on and viola! - instant pretties. :)

So there you have it - another pillow for my bed.

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  1. Amazing! I gasped when I saw the pillow. it is so lovely. Now I going right over to see the tutorial about the flowers, they are to 'die' for. thanks

  2. Gorgeous! I want to see your gray and white bedroom too. ;)

  3. This pillow is VERY beautiful! I blog over at www.2crafty4myskirt.blogspot.com. Every Friday I feature a fellow crafter. I would love to feature you and this project on an upcoming Friday. Please email me if you are interested at toocraftyformyskirt@hotmail.com

  4. Hi there! thanks for linking to my blog. Love your metal zippers on that great sweater pillow. Beautiful blog - I'll be back!

  5. Super cute! I love grey and those zipper flowers are great!

  6. Hi - thanks for adding my link! I love your sweater pillow with the zipper flowers (much more perfect than mine) :) That's a great use for them. Yep - a thrift shop is the place to look!


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