Friday, March 16, 2012


...I did!

I've been working on several smaller projects this week between all the things that comprise the life of a mom. We've had the stomach flu in my two older sons and now I'm doctoring the baby for pneumonia. UGH! So far, I've managed to stay healthy but I'm a little weary right now. Thankfully, we're on the up side of the pneumonia issue and I can rest a little easier.

The projects I'm working on are all for the master bedroom. I'm TRYING to get finished for a full reveal in time for Donna's Picture Perfect Room Reveals party on March 30. There. Now it's out there and the world is holding me responsible to get it finished. {ha!} Barring anymore sickness, it's a feasible goal. I'm hoping to show you some of the smaller projects in the next few days/ weeks.

Will you take the challenge?


  1. Can't wait to see the full reveal.

  2. I promise to hold you accountable- I shall hound you until you show pictures. :) We're working on our bathroom right now and whew, I am SO not a fixer upper type of person. My dear hubby does a great job though and I'm loving what he did. Told him I'm afraid it's going to be my favorite room in the house and I'm going to just want to hang out in there all the time!


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