Monday, August 8, 2011

Weekend Find - Murray Feiss Light for the Master Bedroom

Last week I bought paint for the (stained) trim in the Master bedroom. I've bumped that room up on my priority list and have been gathering ideas. One thing I wanted to change was the lighting. Currently, the only lighting in there is a wall mounted sconce light. And it doesn't even work! My idea was for a chandelier of some type wired into that same 'socket' and hung over the bed. I had looked at lights online and in-store. And pretty much decided we couldn't afford anything I liked.


This past weekend I found a BRAND NEW Murray Feiss light at a garage sale. The lady had $30 marked on it. I never offer another price on something before asking if the seller is firm on their price. If they're firm, I haven't 'insulted' them by offering less than they're willing to take. So, I asked the lady if she was firm on her price. Her reply was, "what do you want to offer me"?
"Uh, $25"?
She immediately said yes and I was one. happy. lady.

The light still had the tag on it with the model number so I came home and looked it up online. The website I found it on listed it for..... $339! That's basically the only thing I found this weekend in all my garage saling but it sure was a spectacular find for me!

What have YOU found lately that made your day (or week!)?


  1. That is one screaming deal!! I love it!!!! Oh and thanks for the kudos today on my blog! Your too kind.

  2. What a great deal on a beautiful light!! That's very exciting!
    I hope you get a camera soon. :)

  3. Nice deal.....American Picker would be proud of you!


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