Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Master Bedroom - My 'Design' Ideas

While I'm waiting on my Chalk Paint order to arrive to finish a project I started waaay back in the early Spring, I thought I'd show you some of the things that are in the works for the Master bedroom. I'm going for a clean, light, and simple look. Also with a touch of french. I chose Valspar Gravity paint for the walls with white trim. I've seen a lot of gray/white bedrooms and they're so calming. Like this one:
This gray is darker than I picked but I love the gray and white contrast. Here is one more the color I chose:

I'm not loving the green ceiling in this picture - I plan to use the same gray as the walls on the ceiling. I would also love to  add white crown moulding. It makes a room look so classy. Unfortunately, I don't  think it's in the budget for now.

I haven't found bedding that I like that  is in my price range yet but I want a white quilt. They look so clean and simple. I'm also still looking for curtains or fabric to make my own. I absolutely LOVE this Belgian grain sack linen from Rachel Ashwell. It's currently not available but if it does become available again, I might have to get a small amount for a pillow or something. It's too expensive to use for curtains but I think it would look awesome as that too.

 I've already shared this light I plan to hang over the bed:

Since space is so limited (we have a small bedroom), I would like to do wall mounted bedside lights. I've not found a lot of them available in my price range. I would be ok with this one from Lowe's if I don't find something better. I'm still undecided on this. 

I don't have nightstands so I'm going to make something like this.
I like that I can make it the size I need.

The door leading to the master bath swing out into the room and totally blocks the one corner making anything sitting there inaccessible. I love all the barn doors out there and I'm inspired to make one to solve this problem. I plan to use wood out of our barn and build my own. Here are some ones that I really like. 

As you can see from the pictures, I haven't decided what finish to use. I like the looks of all 3 of the doors pictured. Which one would you choose?

These are certainly not all my ideas for the room but it gives you an idea of the direction I'm heading. I can't wait to get started - the room is so ugly now. I've ordered a camera but I'm still patiently waiting for it to arrive. If I had it, I'd throw a 'before' picture of the room on here for you to see how awful it looks. Seriously. It's a 'what was I thinking' room!

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  1. Rachel, those pictures take my breath away. I wish I had half the design ideas you have. I have used sheets for many years as "duvet" covers. I think if you could get white sheets, sew them together on three sides (like a pillow case) you could put a down comforter in it and then launder only the "duvet" cover when needed. It might give too much texture to your bed tho... (I love the flannel ones for the winter) All of your ideas are so great. Looking forward to seeing what you do.

  2. I echo what Helen said...I wish I had half the ideas you do. :) But thanks for giving me some good ones to chew on. Our bedroom is pretty much the color of the first gray. It wasn't supposed to turn out that color, but well...it did. :) Vince hates it but I actually have learned to like it. But I think I need a white quilt to lighten it up some more. I also added some dark red accents.

    And the little wall mount shelf- I love it! We don't have room for night stand either. But the wall that a shelf would have to go on is exposed brick so not sue how this would work. Going to have to think some more.

    One more thing. I love those door ideas too. Vince was thinking of doing something along this line for the door that goes from the kitchen to the laundry. I'll have fun showing him your pictures.

    Anyway, please do some more remodeling. If your ideas are always this helpful to me, it'll save me a lot of time! :)

    And as far as the doors, I personally like the first one the best, but if you are going with gray wall, you might want to do one of the lighter ones to keep the room from getting to dark and feeling closed in. Just a thought.

  3. I love all of those. The grey paint in the first picture is so dramatic, I think it would look fab in a bedroom.

  4. Love your ideas, I'm sure it will turn out beautifully! I've always LOVE LOVE LOVED those sliding barn style doors! I think the white ones would keep things light and airy, but the darker style in the first picture would bring a nice contrast with color and texture. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  5. Rachel... just happened on your blog a short while back. Seems like I know a smidge more about you than I have in quite a while:) Love your decorating ideas.. I do well if someone gives me the idea but have a hard time coming up with them. Be sure to post before and after pics I will be checking!

  6. I LOVE your ideas. We so have the same style!


  7. Great ideas and fabulous inspiration! I love the "nightstand" idea and the colors you are doing. Thank you for sharing with us at Inspiration Friday!


  8. Where did you get the artwork of the U.S. Supreme Court?? I just love it!!

  9. where is the bedding from in the first photo?

    1. Hi Amanda. I'm not sure where the bedding is from. I looked on the blog the picture is from but don't see where she references it. Here is the link to the blog post. Maybe she will be able to tell you if you ask her. Good luck! :)


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