Monday, July 6, 2015

Pergola Update

NW Ohio had a LOT of rain in June. Like record setting amounts. It rained almost every day which made for a lot of flooding. It was impossible to do any outdoor work like mowing, gardening, etc. for several weeks. It has been on my agenda to stain the pergola. When we built it 2 years ago, we knew it would need to weather a few years and then be stained to preserve it. It was looking pretty weathered after 2 hard winters and it was time. However, getting enough dry days proved to take awhile. I bought the stain at the end of May and the first consecutive 3 days of sunshine didn't happen until last week. But, we did have some gorgeous sunny days and after letting it dry 2 days, I took the 3rd sunny day and stained it. It was quite time consuming to cover all those surfaces and I was thankful for DH's help halfway through. He saw I wasn't going to get done in one day unless he helped so he postponed some of his work to help me. I had a hard time deciding what color to stain it. I wanted white but DH vetoed that. I decided to go with a dark brown (Cabot Cordovan Brown) in a stock color. I think it looks nice with the white house but we are planning to re-side sometime in the near future and it will most likely be dark gray (which was why I wanted white). Not sure what the dark brown will look like with that but it's done and I sure won't be changing it any time soon. :) I snapped a few photos this afternoon before the next rains begin. They aren't anything fancy - I didn't bother to sweep the sidewalk - there are weeds (which are sprayed but haven't died) - a cute little photo bomber and his toys - flowers that had too much rain, etc. But it's real life here at the farmhouse. We have weeds and dirt in places they shouldn't be. We have boys and their toys that are sometimes where they shouldn't be. But I wouldn't have it any other way. We are so blessed and I'm thankful.


Still loving my old washtubs. Flowers do really well in them. (Thanks, Susan! :) )

This area wasn't finished in my first post. I'm still trying to get figured out how to make a functioning hose reel so technically, it's STILL not finished but I took our old front door, a curbside enamel sink, cedar fence boards and a curbside wreath (I added the bow) and created a potting bench of sorts. Underneath (accessible by a door) is a wooden spool that I have dreams of making a functioning hose reel for that messy hose lying beside it. :)

2 years ago, in the front bed, I planted 2 very tiny wedding ring hydrangeas and a dwarf crape myrtle. Unfortunately, our winters are too hard for the crape myrtle and I lost that. The hydrangeas have been valiantly struggling to survive and are actually blooming this year for the first time. The bloom is almost as big as the plant. :) This bed still looks rather bare due to the fact that the plants are still so small. I replaced the crape myrtle with a pink knockout rose (it's between blooming seasons right now) and a clematis (in hopes it grows up the ladder).

You may or may not have noticed something missing in these pictures from the first time I posted. The old shed is gone! A neighbor man came and salvaged most of the remaining siding and the floor. He is planning to reuse most of it in a cabin he's building. He also took some of the beams after it was down. The only thing remaining is the flagstone foundation which we are stacking on pallets. I will keep some and we will probably sell some. The roofing is still undisposed of and I would like to keep some of it for a project that's been in my 'queue'. ;) Here are a few 'UN'beauty shots of what remains.

Today I finished up a repurpose project that is for sale. I'll try to share before and afters of it sometime later this week.

From the farmhouse, 


  1. Love the dark stain you chose for the pergola! It all looks very cozy and cute.

  2. I like your color choice for the pergola too. It does look super nice with the white house!
    The color, white on a house never goes out of style does it? :)
    I suppose a farmhouse COULD be another color.....lol!

    P. S. The double washtub with the red flowers is gorgeous! Your place looks so nice.

  3. Rachel, your home is beautiful and the yard is so charming. It is easy to see all the love and hard work that you have put into it.


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