Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Easy No-sew Farmhouse Sack Pillow

Just popping in to show some pictures of a quick little project I just did. I tried posting these on Facebook but for some reason they weren't loading right.

Last week my mother in law was cleaning out a closet and found these grain/flour sacks. Knowing I love things like this, she gave them to me. (Yay!) 

The very next day I found a brand new (still in the plastic)
pillow form for $1.50 at a garage sale.

I slipped it inside the sack and brought the ends together in the back and pinned it together. It was meant to be! Perfect fit!

The back is pinned underneath with large safety pins. No sew!

Now go forth and find a sack and make your own! :)

From the Farmhouse


  1. I love it! You are a Lucky Duck to get the grain sacks.

    Don't you wish all projects would come together as easily as this? :)


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