Saturday, March 23, 2013


As the weather remains cold and more snow is forecasted AGAIN here in NW Ohio, I find myself longing for Spring/Summer. I am not a fan of cold weather to begin with and when it seems to drag on endlessly I begin to dream of pretty flowers, bright, warm sunshine, hanging out around a fire on cool evenings, sitting on a porch watching a summer thunderstorm....
Taken Fall 2012
From the first time I looked at our farmhouse as a prospective buyer, I have envisioned a wrap-around porch on it. Do you see it? From the front door where the existing porch is, extending to the corner and across the front of the house overlooking the pasture. The roof-line is such that it would not be a difficult addition; just a {possibly} expensive one. I don't know if this particular dream of mine will ever come to fruition so for now, it remains a dream.

From the Farmhouse


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