Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bathroom Update #1

Whew! I've had a busy couple weeks! My brother in law and his family got here last Friday night and left after noon on Wednesday. He was able to re-route the plumbing to accommodate our new floor plan. YAY!

I don't know exactly how many update posts I will do but thought I'd label this one number 1 in case I do a lot more. Ha!

Of course, this project is already going like home remodeling projects go; we uncovered some 'problems'.

Problem #1 was unveiled when I took the bathtub surround off. Large chunks of plaster came off with the surround. UGH! I had not intended to do extensive wall repair. THEN, when DH saw what was happening, he decided it was not properly insulated and ALL the plaster and drywall (there is both) had to come off. :( So now, I'm going to get a crash course in drywalling. (That is, IF I can convince DH that it's not above my skill level. {and it probably is} So, it remains to be seen what will happen with that.)

Problem #2 occurred when we took out the middle dividing wall (shown in the picture below)
The wall we removed is at the edges of this picture.
This doorway/wall divided the bathroom into 2 sections.

to discover that the soil pipe from the upstairs bathroom ran down that wall. No way to disguise a big black pipe so C (my brother in law that did the plumbing rearranging) figured out a way to jog it over to the side wall so that problem is solved.

So far, those are the 2 worst problems. There was a bit of rotting in the floor around the tub plumbing but C cut out a section of floor and patched in new wood which will be covered with new 'flooring'. :)

So here's where we started:

And here is the scary now. (It has to get worse before it can get better, right?)

Where the bat insulation is was evidently once a window. Ooops!
It will need a better fix to prevent the NW Ohio winds from coming in.

In the bottom left of this picture you can see where the floor is patched.
Another old window was to the right of the current window.

Here you can see the new home of the soil pipe.
So there's where we are with the bathroom. As you can see, I have more plaster to remove. Then I (or someone ;) ) will re-wire it for new lights and outlets. After that, it will be ready for new drywall.

And to tease you, here are some sneak peeks of other projects I'm working on for the bathroom.

(Yes, I realize that is not me in the picture. DH was being sweet
and helping me in the 100+ degree heat we were having.)

Remember this???

It now looks like this:

You'll have to wait until later to see more. :) Stay tuned!

From the Farmhouse


  1. What a tease! We need more updates. Good thing you labeled this one #1 because I love to see work done without me doing it. We have had to replace flooring around the tub several times. It just likes to leak there. One time I saw water running down the outside of the house just outside the bathroom wall! Hopefully that doesn't happen again! The work will pay off and you will have a beautiful bathroom. You may catch yourself showing that room first to new guests!

  2. Wow, I cannot wait to see the full reveal of that secret project! Just that little sneak peak looks amazing!

  3. it seems that you take the bad with the good. You are lots more patient than I could ever be. I just wish that I had you living close to me to share your ideas.. and maybe between the two of us we'd get something done in my house.. thanks for sharing everything.. with all of us.. elice (Nancy) Still


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