Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wishing Each of You a Blessed Christmas

Our Bundle of Joy - 10 days old

Yes, I'm a few days early but we're planning to go to my parents in Maryland for Christmas and I won't have access to a computer. I have been spending most of my time 'playing baby' and squeezing in a little Christmas baking here and there. I had forgotten how much TIME a newborn takes. But it's all good! We're all enjoying our bundle immensely. I have not had time for blogging or other projects but hopefully when the baby starts sleeping all night I will be able to get some other things done. For now, I'm taking a little blogging Sabbatical to enjoy Christmas and time with my family. Wishing each of you a Christmas filled with family and friends and most of all, Christ - the reason for Christmas.


  1. he's adorable! is his hair reddish? we had our 17th grand-girlie the end ov Nov. :) Esther from fleurcottage

  2. me again! :) rather, our 17th grand but 6th grand girlie! :) Esther

  3. Congratulations!! I am so happy and thankful that your little guy arrived safe and healthy! I've been gone, so I didn't realize you had him already! My sister is at the hospital right now having her little girl, I am anxiously awaiting the news of the safe arrival! Enjoy your bundle of joy and don't worry about blogging, that comes after everything else in life!

  4. What a blessing children are! Enjoy them while they are young and you are young and the blogging will take its natural course in the whole scheme of things.

  5. Adam is a beautiful little boy!!! :)

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