Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Girl Can Always Dream...

..... dream of a laundry room that looks like this one:
via houzz
I love the wide open space and all the cabinetry. Plenty of storage and function...

Or what about this one?
I love the bead board cabinets and the tall pantry. I NEED this! :) My pantry area is currently in my laundry room (which is right off the kitchen) and it's an eclectic (and mostly ugly) mix of cabinets. 

via houzz

In this one, I love the clean, bright look. And all that counter space for folding laundry.... {sigh}. I think I would actually keep up with my laundry if I had an area like this to work in...

And lastly....

I like the farmhousy (ok, I don't think that's a word) look of this one. Very cute!

So, why am I dreaming of laundry rooms? I was 'suckered' into entering the Arrow Fasteners Dream Room Contest.

One lucky winner will win a $10,000 room makeover. I don't expect to win, but like I said, a girl can always dream, right? I entered my laundry room, which is in BAD need of a major overhaul. It's probably the most expensive 'pending' project we have. Therefore, the least likely to get completed anytime within the next... oh, say, 10 years... Just to show you what I mean, here's an embarrassing picture:
It's a weird mix of leftover cabinets and leftover decor. Not pretty and not even totally functional. The sink (which is to the right just off the edge of the picture) is ancient and non-working. The walls are plaster and I would LOVE to have them drywalled... I would like to have my sink and stove together for canning. Also, the cabinet just on the left of the picture serves as a pantry... but I would like to use it in my sewing room for storage. This is a large room for a laundry room but it is also my canning room and pantry. 

You have the chance to enter/win too! Go to Arrow Fasteners on Facebook and click the Dream Room Contest tab.

And speaking of contests, you still have until midnight to enter my giveaway for the Ruffle Pillow.


  1. Gasp! Some of those rooms are probably half the size of my whole house! AND you have a place to can! Besides the kitchen??? Wow! My laundry room is a little 6 x 9 cut from the garage, but, it has a window - a must for me. Dream on girl... it is really a good dream, thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Wowzers! That first room is just about bigger than my whole house, lol! But I sure hope you win, that would be amazing.


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