Monday, September 26, 2011

A {very welcome} Surprise!

Friday night, about 10:15 p.m. my Mom showed up on my doorstep. Now let me explain.... My Mom lives 7.5 hours away in Maryland. My Mom hates to travel. My Mom was just here to visit in August. All of these facts are why I was astounded to see her Friday night.

She came with my youngest sister who is dating a guy about an hour and a half from here. She came to HELP ME PAINT MY MASTER BEDROOM! :) Stay tuned for updates - it's happening now, y'all!


  1. What a blessing to have help. Enjoy your time with your mother and sister, it doesn't last forever.

  2. So happy for you! What fun! (And I had no idea Esther was dating...guess she would be old enough. Funny how you still picture them "little".)

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  4. Fantastic surprise!!! I can't wait to see what color you choose.


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