Monday, April 18, 2011

From Rough to Real - The Hickory Cabinet I Built

I am SO excited to be finally unveiling 'my baby'. Now I realize that this doesn't look like much to most of you, but it's exciting to me because no one except my husband (love him!) believed that I could do this. To be quite honest, I wasn't entirely sure I could do it either. I've never build ANYTHING from wood. Here's how it came about.

While discussing the bathroom improvements we plan to do, it came up about what to do with that smelly linen closet that is currently there.

Like everything else, we're trying to do this as inexpensively as possible. Buying a new, custom cabinet was out of the question. The probability of finding something the size I wanted on Craigslist was pretty slim. The ceiling in the bathroom is lower than normal and I wanted something shorter and wider to create more of a spacious feeling. I casually suggested to DH that I build something so I can make it the size I want. Now keep in mind that I've never built anything from wood and DH knows this. He never missed a beat - immediately offering me some lumber that he had up in the barn. It was rough-sawn, very dirty, and in a hap-hazard heap.

Not exactly what I had envisioned when I 'offered' to build something. I had in mind going to Menards and picking out a few pieces of nice smooth lumber in the sizes I wanted and building from there. Hmmm, rough-sawn.... what do I do with that??? DH thought the wood was maple so my plan was to paint it a nice creamy white. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Fortunately for me, DH's uncle owns a cabinet/woodworking business and has all kinds of delicious woodworking tools and equipment. I selected the nicest boards and we loaded them up and took them to Uncle. He made quick work of planing, sanding, cutting, and gluing them into usable lumber.

In the process of planing, we discovered the wood was, in fact, hickory. Now I'm kinda partial to hickory and it seemed a shame to cover it up with paint. My original plan included getting cabinet doors from ReStore for a few dollars to make my job a lot simpler. When we left the wood shop that night, my mind was in a whirl. I knew I would have to change my plan of painting the cabinet but WHAT would I do about the doors. I would never find hickory doors at the ReStore. I decided to get some more pieces of wood planed and glued and make my own doors.

I was really surprised how well everything came together. I didn't have plans - I just cut each piece as I needed it. The door posts are boards (oak) that I found at the ReStore for $4. They are 2-sided so I had them split in half. Now I have the other half to use on another project.

I bought some 1X2 boards for my framework and the moulding you see. DH is using some of his equipment for a job Uncle needs done in exchange for the work he did to make the lumber usable. Not a bad trade I'd say. Altogether, I've got less than $40 in this solid wood piece. DH was cheerleading the entire 2 weeks it took me to build this. He put up with less than normal meals and sawdust in the house without complaining. I really think he deserves an award. I'm relieved to have it finished. For more than one reason. You see, I have a rule that I'm only allowed to start one project at a time - and I've got one I can't WAIT to start on! But that will be another day - another post.

A few more shots of my 'baby':

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  1. Good JOB! That is really beautiful cabinet. I am glad you decided not to paint it.

  2. Hi Rachel, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I LOVE your cabinet that you made! You are amazing and have a gift for woodworking for sure! I looked down your posts and see that you have some projects on the go. I think your bathroom makeover sounds great and look forward to seeing it when it's finished. Blessings, Pamela

  3. This is truly amazing. I have only used a paint brush as to date. Whenever I look longingly at the tools around here I have to remind myself that I am somewhat a clutz. What a great talent, and a plus to me, you can use this somewhere else in the years to come if you want. Be sure to sign it somewhere, inside a door or something to remind you of when you did it. Happy for you.

  4. It's fabulous Rachel!!!

    You might want to visit my blog for other ideas of things to make. I have tutorials on quite a few items, with more on the way.


  5. Wow! I am totally impressed. Your cabinet is beautiful.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. :)

  6. Wow..Wow..Wow...I am seriously impressed with you woodworking skills!!!

    Well done

    janet xox

  7. Oh my! You should be proud - it's beautiful!

  8. I always said your sister could do/make anything. Now I know you have the same genes! Great job! I would never even begin to tackle such a project!

  9. Hi, Rachel! I'm admiring all your creative posts here so can you please share them with us at the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop? The link is at http://www.homemakeronadime.com/2011/04/creative-bloggers-party-hop-042411.html.
    Thank you so much :)

  10. Wow! You did a fantastic job! I'm in awe!

    New follower. :)

  11. You did an awesome job. The hickory has a great look with all the grain and colors in the wood.


  12. That's absolutely beautiful! You should be extremely proud of your work. I recently finished my first piece of furniture as well (nightstand) and have since made 3-4 random pieces, with many more lined up. So rewarding! And unique!

    Keep up the fantastic work!

  13. Yay! YOu came! Rachel, thank you so much for coming and linking up :) I'm so impressed that you built this cabinet yourself. Really appreciate your participation in the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop.

  14. Wow, this looks great!! I wouldn't have had a clue where to begin on something like that.


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