Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Guest Room

First of all, WELCOME to my new followers. I'm so glad you're joining me in my new venture of blogging. If you like what you see, tell your friends. And, thank you for sharing the knowledge of YOUR blog. I'm really liking what I see. :)

And now, as promised, a peek into my Victorian Room. There are still things needing done in this room (as you will notice). I don't just go out and buy what I need - I watch sales, thrift stores, auctions, etc. and try to buy as frugally as possible. Money doesn't grow on trees, ya know!
So here it is. You can see this is home for the trunk I featured yesterday.

I found this 3 piece oak bedroom set at an auction. I had been watching for one for a long time but they always went higher than my price range. I was sure this one would definitely go to high since it's 3 matching pieces and most sets are 2 pieces. I stressed the whole week before the Saturday auction. I had a certain amount of money to spend and I wanted this set..... No, it's not perfect but what antique is? It's perfect for me, though. The best thing, as you can see, is that it sold in my price range! I was one happy lady the day I acquired this set. :)

I'm still looking for shams and pillows to dress up the bed a little. I'm looking for the perfect thing to hang over the bed. And I need to paint the trim and add a moulding between the 2 different wallpapers. These aren't high on my priority list right now since we only use this for a guest room.
I found this mirror on eBay. While it's not a perfect match, I think it goes well.
Aren't these little shoes just adorable?!

There it is.... what did you think? What ideas do you have for future additions or suggestions of what I should do different? I'd love to hear from you!


  1. That guest room is beautiful. The bedroom set really looks right at home there.

  2. So cozy, inviting and feminine!

  3. I love your antiques! You are fortunate to have them in what looks to be their original finish.


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