Friday, November 20, 2015

Boys Farmhouse Bedroom~Industrial Lighting

I always have room makeovers in my head for quite awhile before I actually start on them. I know what I want and I watch for deals on things I need for the makeover. I've had most of the smaller things I need for my two younger boy's room but I didn't have any lighting. I knew I wanted something industrial but everything I found that I liked was out of my price range. My plan for the room includes 2 beds and I wanted a wall light above each bed so whatever I chose would be 2 times the money. That meant I needed to find something really reasonably priced.

A few weeks ago, I got an email from Parrot Uncle wondering if I would review one of their lights. Perfect timing! I had never heard of Parrot Uncle so I clicked over to their website and was pleasantly surprised to see a nice selection of vintage industrial lights at very reasonable prices. I had a hard time deciding which light to review since I liked several of them but I finally settled on this one. However, since the wall isn't wired for a light where I wanted to put it, I needed to convert it to a plug-in light. Don't be intimidated: it's not hard! I used this tutorial but there are several out there. Just find one and follow it. It greatly expands your selection of lights if you can make any wall light a plug in one!

Last week, I received the light and finally got around to installing it last night. I thought I would have it hung sooner but we ran into a flooring issue which pushed the project back several days. I had the ceiling, walls and trim all painted and the only thing left to do was the floor. I enlisted hubby's help to remove the old carpet so I could lay the vinyl plank flooring. Uh oh. When we ripped up the carpet we uncovered the original pine tongue and groove flooring in less than perfect condition. It's amazing what carpet can hide! The boards were cupping pretty badly in places and on top of that, the original floor joists were bowing. We strung a line from one side of the room to the other and discovered the floor dipped about 2 inches at the worst spot! Hubby declared that unacceptable and I commenced to ripping out all that original flooring. I was torn because on one hand, I knew it would involve TONS of work to refinish and even then would still sag but on the other hand, my old farmhouse loving self was crying inside to destroy all that antique flooring. A lot of hard work and aching muscles later, we have a very level, nice floor with vinyl planking.

So, because of that little (big) detour, I'm several days later getting my light hung. But, like I said, I did get it hung last night and here it is in all it's vintage industrial glory!

Isn't it so pretty?! The light is gorgeous and everything I hoped for but thought I couldn't afford! It's well made and arrived (from China) very well packaged and in perfect condition. I've ordered a matching one for above the other bed and I can't wait to get it and get it hung. I'm also eyeing their selection of outdoor wall sconces since we are in need of some outdoor lighting too. ;)

Here's a larger view.

Since the room still isn't finished, there's nothing else to show at this point but I will update as I get it completed. I have one of the beds ordered and it's scheduled to arrive next week. I can't wait to get it situated below this light!

Here's another view of the light straight on:
Sigh! I love it so!

A few things:

*The tutorial I followed shows a 4" offset crossbar to mount and this particular light came with a straight one. That doesn't work in the surface mount application like I did. It's an easy fix since the 4" offset crossbars are available at Menards for a few dollars.

*Parrot Uncle is an international company with locations in China and North Carolina. Some of their suppliers are in China which means shipping takes longer. Not a big issue if you know what to expect. :)

*Parrot Uncle is running a sale now through the end of the year and their products are 20% to 50% off. They also offer free shipping and free returns for any order over $50. That's a step above a lot of companies!

*I was provided a light from Parrot Uncle in exchange for my opinion. I was not told what to say and all opinions are my own.

Thanks for reading!
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  1. Hey! That's a super cute light. I had not heard of Uncle Parrot until you mentioned them. I checked out their web site and they sure have a variety of lighting. I had to chuckle when I read how tearing up the carpet lead to a much bigger project. As you know, when we tore up carpet this summer, it lead to a two bedroom, stairwell and landing makeover. I'm glad that we did as I'm sure you are happy to have new a new floor. Old houses can be full of surprises for realz. I'm looking forward to seeing how you finish off the boy's room. I know it will be awesome. :)

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