Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Day Away...

The winter seems to be d.r.a.g.g.i.n.g. on endlessly. We've had our share of sickness, grumpy children, cabin fever, etc. lately and this momma was ready for a break. I needed something at IKEA (a 2 hour drive) to finish the bathroom and DH had some business in Columbus, OH (1 1/2 hours away but not the same direction) so we decided to get babysitters and spend the day 'away'.

Handsome Hubby and I at the restaurant.
This is a somewhat terrible cell phone picture but hey, it's all I had.  
We went to IKEA first (my first time of visiting) and I was able to get what I needed. It involves the bathroom redo so I will show you in a later post what that was. I enjoyed my visit to the store but honestly, I don't see what all the raving is about surrounding the place. I would definitely go back but not unless I was looking for something in particular. It is not my taste enough to spend just hours and hours browsing. I guess maybe I was a little preoccupied too. :) Because I knew where we were going next. It's somewhere I've wanted to visit ever since my friend, Stephanie at The Cozy Old Farmhouse shared in this post about an Unexpected Adventure she had one day. She was in Dayton, OH for other business when she stumbled upon a Goodwill Outlet store. Until she 'found' it, I was unaware that there even was such a thing. But since I knew it, and since was 'only' about an hour away, I resolved to visit it the first chance I had. And Friday was my chance! We nearly went past it traveling from IKEA to where we were going for DH's business and he (DH) was game to stop. I warned him that it was not your normal thrift store experience. :)

Now, you must  read Stephanie's post (linked above) since she gives more detail than I'm planning to. She also found some really great things. Of course, with a standard like that, I was hoping for the same. (But I should know better since Stephanie is much more experienced at 'junking' and pretty consistently finds really cool things.) Anyway, I've rambled long enough. Without further ado, here is what I found:

Vintage child's chair with a bent leg. :)
DH was with me when I pulled this out of the bin and he said he can easily straighten it. It needs a good cleaning but we needed one so for $2 this cutie was mine.

I bought this book because I liked the cover.
The pages are old looking too and I never know when I'll need old book pages for a project. ;)
This set me back $.59.

$.59 for an unopened 2000 calendar.
It has some really cool barn pictures. Again, I never know when I might need it for a project.

This grapevine wreath and basket were purchased by the pound with several other items so I don't know for sure what I paid for them. I'm guessing somewhere around $1 for both. These both will go in my crafting closet to be pulled out for later projects.

Some things for my baby boy: the book was $.59 and the diapers and FP box were $.79/ pound. I'm guessing it was around $4 for both. That's steal for the diapers alone; there are a LOT of them. I wouldn't be terribly quick to buy something like this from a thrift store but these are very clean with the plastic still mostly intact.

$.79/ pound = $1? for all 4
Vintage 'Blue Morning' Pyrex cups. 
These were not all together but they were in the same bin.
I plan to resell these

Small vintage red Pyrex bowl; $.79/ pound = $1.50??
For resale

And my best (imho) find of the day, a vintage aqua Pyrex bowl with
a rare swirl design. Also for resale. Although, I must admit, the 2 Pyrex
bowls are tempting me to keep them. They are so pretty!
This bowl was also by the pound but I estimate I paid somewhere around $2 for it.

GRAND TOTAL was just over $14!
I'm very pleased with my finds and am looking forward to having
another opportunity to visit a Goodwill Outlet.

So that's what I did to beat the winter blues.
What's the weather like where you live?
Do you have a way to 'beat the blues'?

From the Farmhouse


  1. I'm so impressed your hubby was willing to battle the throngs with you, lol! Love your finds! That chair is adorable, and I can't believe you found all those diapers! What a steal! Oh, and if you decide to part with the red pyrex bowl let me know how much you're asking, it's gorgeous and I would love to have it.

  2. Wow! I have an outlet not that far from me, perhaps 45 minutes. I am going to have to visit. I love your Pyrex items, I resell too, but sometimes I keep items to look at and admire before they go to a new home. The little chair is sweet. I think you made a haul, good shopping.

  3. What some wonderful finds!!!! My goodness all those were well worth the drive....I just love finding bargains like that.. what a wonderful blessings! Enjoy!

  4. You called those cups vintage and now I'm gonna have a mid life crisis. I think I remember when that was the pattern of the day.....Eek :0) I was thrfting yesterday and always like finding pyrex.


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