Thursday, August 9, 2012

Lincoln Highway Buy-Way Sale Finds

It's been awhile since I've shown you my garage sale finds. There are mainly 2 reasons for this.

#1 I haven't been to very many this summer.
#2 The ones I did go to didn't yield much (therefore not worth showing).

So today, I decided to hit the Lincoln Highway Buy-Way sales (which are close to where I live) and see what I could find. I left all 3 boys with my sister-in-law (bless her heart!) in exchange for babysitting for her tomorrow so she can hit the sales. I was pleased with what all I found.

This winter, when I have time to dedicate to it, I want to start an Etsy shop featuring vintage farmhouse or farmhouse industrial items. I've been collecting a few things as I find them and today I found several more items for that plus a few things for myself.

So, without further ado, here's my 'stuff':

Wooden ironing board - $2
I'm undecided whether to keep or sell this. :)

Let's take a closer look:

Old Pepsi crate - Toledo, OH - $2

Coffee grinder - $20
Aqua insulator - $1
$20 is a lot to spend on one item but I know I've seen worse ones than this bring much higher at auctions. The insulator will be repurposed into something for my future Etsy shop.

Wooden hangers - $1 for all
These also will be repurposed for the shop.
2 small and 1 large Golden Harvest canisters - $1.25 for 3
These are for me.

Aqua apothecary bottle - $3
That sounds like a lot but this is for me and I don't see aqua ones very often.

Desk and chair - $10
This is for my preschooler to use.
Miscellaneous clothes for my baby - $3.50

Pair of industrial-style stools - $4 for both
These are for the shop.

Not pictured - wire fencing - $.75


  1. Love your finds! Those stools are awesome and you got a great price on them! The kids and I are going tomorrow, I can't wait!

    1. I had the best success in Gomer! In Delphos, the prices were a bit higher. Hope you find some treasures! :)

  2. I enjoyed seeing what you found today.
    You got some nice things.
    Tomorrow, I hope to get to Gomer and maybe Cairo.

  3. What great finds. Some days it is hardly worth going out, and then... you find a jackpot.

  4. OH MY you make me miss Ohio so much. Just don't have the markets, thrifts, annual fairs like we used to go to all over Northern and midcentral Ohio. I was born in Lakewood, lived in Parma, Strongsville, Brunswick, Medina and West Salem and still have family in Dayton area and in and around Brunswick and Parma. I miss the crisp autumn seasons too! What great finds you get!!!


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