Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Baby is 4! (and my new favorite cake decorating method)

1 month old

Actually, he turned 4 on June 29. I didn't 'get around' to making his cake until Saturday. So we kinda celebrated Wednesday AND Saturday.

Several months ago we were discussing birthdays and I asked Bryce (birthday boy) what cake he wanted. I usually let them pick and then figure out how to create their choice. Some 'creations' you really had to stretch your imagination to 'get it' but the boys were always thrilled.

So, back to what kind of cake. Bryce immediately answered that he wanted a Kubota tractor cake. Hmmm, that's a tough one! So, I let it go. Then about a week before his birthday I asked him again what cake he wanted - hoping he had forgotten what he 'ordered' the last time. No such luck. In a very 'I told you this before' tone of voice he said, "I want a Kubota tractor cake!" Well, no getting out of it for me. I tossed a couple of ideas around but nothing seemed right. So, I procrastinated. Until Saturday when I decided I could procrastinate no longer. I half-heartedly looked online for ideas when suddenly, this website stood out to me. Frozen Buttercream Transfer - I had never heard of it. Intrigued, I read the entire thing, then decided I could do this. I happened to have a photo of DH's Kubota tractor on the computer so I blew it up and printed it off.

I wasn't thinking of blogging it so I didn't take any pictures of the process. I basically followed the directions on this site. It was fairly easy - especially for a non-artistic person such as myself. I was rather pleased with the results and the men of the family were thrilled.

Here is the picture of DH's tractor:

And here is what I ended up with:

Birthday boy blows out the candles in one puff!

And HAS to get every bit of frosting from the candle!
There he is, all grown up on me. Where did the time between the first picture in this post and the last picture go? Happy birthday, Bryce! We love you!


  1. Awesome cake. I think I could even do that kind. Thanks for sharing. And best regards to the birthday boy. (by the way, the next time you think of this, he will be getting married and then you will really wonder where the time went)

  2. WOW! I am birthday cake challenged! Your cake is beautiful! I need to check out those directions!

  3. Ahh.....that is so nice! You are such a good momma! :)
    Reading this post caused me remember the year my son wanted a Gleaner Combine cake, like you, I would attempt to make whatever cake he requested.
    It was challenging some times!
    Thanks in part to your hubby digging our drive one year, Joseph just had to have a John Deere backhoe cake! :)
    Enjoy it as much as possible.....Joseph no longer likes cake, but usually requests banana cream pie for birthdays. Not as much fun to make! :)
    I want to try this icing transfer, so I may just do it for "anyhow" :)

  4. Turned out great! Cake decorating is one thing I've yet to truly attempt. I'd love to learn how though. You did good. : )

  5. Could you please tell me how I can follow your blog? I can't find the follow 'button' but then I have been known to miss some things!!

  6. That is the coolest way of doing a cake! Thanks. Oh and that's for the congrats!

  7. Thank you so much for posting our Mountain of Giveaway button on your sidebar!! I hope that all your friends and followers come on over and check out the last week of our Giveaway. We are so excited to share this product with everyone. I am also your newest follower. I love blogging, it's such a great way to 'meet' new people and find inspiration!!

  8. How sweet is he! Happy Birthday!

    Thanks for your comment & joining the Giveaway! I am following you too.


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